Samsung Galaxy S3 VS HTC One X — Is “Three” better than “One”?

galaxy s3 vs htc one x

There comes a time in each geek’s lives when he or she has to make a difficult determination: pick the finest Android smartphone out of two Quite strong contenders. It’s a lot like selecting a lifestyle companion, except that it almost certainly won’t final as lengthy. But hey, we share your confuzzlement…

This epic battle in between the two finest Android phones that have ever graced our sweaty palms will hopefully make it easier for you to decide on the mobile phone to throw your funds at. The 1st contender is the mighty HTC A single X. This cellphone seemingly came out from nowhere with little hype and excitement. Make no error however, simply because HTC nevertheless delivers it Hard. The 2nd contender is the nature-inspired Samsung Galaxy S3. It is not exaggerated to declare the Galaxy S3 the most hyped Android telephone ever, like E-V-E-R.

In truth, if this battle would be primarily based on hype alone, we could wrap it up proper now, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the runaway winner. But of course, that is not what our battle is all about. More than just about hype and gloss, it’s also about the specs and the all round expertise delivered by the two mighty phones.

Let us get it began.

Seem and Feel

Currently being that beauty is in the eye of beholder, we’ll say that both the HTC One particular X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are stunning in their personal way. Not to say that we do not have our personal preference, even though.

The HTC One X comes with a polycarbonate unibody that just oozes sleekness, even though the Galaxy S3’s curvaceous entire body is really the departure from the Galaxy S2’s boxy days. Due to the larger screen identified on the Galaxy S3, the kind element of the Samsung device does come in slightly greater and longer than the HTC A single X.

Amazingly, the Galaxy S3, which comes in at 133 grams, is just a tad heavier than the 130 grams HTC A single X’s. Hmm, this class is a challenging 1, not to mention very subjective. While we’re confident the Samsung Galaxy S3 will develop on us, for now, HTC 1 X has the slight edge.

Winner: HTC One X  


In the size department, the Galaxy S3 is the winner, with its four.8-inch Super AMOLED show, but the HTC One particular X’s Super IPS LCD2 show has the pixel density upper lead. Except if you are arranging to search at the telephone via a magnifying glass, nonetheless, it shouldn’t be as well much of an issue. What we can say is we’re suckers for the greater than life colours and contrast ranges that only a Super AMOLED show can supply.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3



The HTC A single X comes with the attempted and tested Nvidia Tegra three quad-core processor, clocked at one.5GHz, even though the Samsung Galaxy S3 sports a one.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4 Quad processor with an Mali-400 GPU. These are both some effective beasts of processors that will have no problem reigning above most benchmark tests.

According to Anandtech, the 1 X and the Galaxy S3 are neck in neck in the SunSpider JavaScript and BrowserMark benchmark tests, which measure the phones’ browser and CPU performance. Various GLBenchmark tests, even so, have shown the Samsung Galaxy S3 to lead over the HTC 1 X. The Galaxy S3 even trumped all more than the prior title holder, the iPhone 4S, by some substantial numbers.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3

Computer software

The exterior of the Galaxy S3 doesn’t bring the radical design modify than numerous have hoped to see. So, it’s wise for Samsung to focus on the software package side of items. Apart from the polished TouchWiz interface, Samsung has added several extra touches, that  make the S3 far more than a worthy competitor to the HTC 1 X.

For example, there’s the S Beam, which lets you share content material with other Galaxy S3 phones by just tapping the back of the two phones. The Pop-up play feature lets you “float” operating video on leading of other programs. The face recognition software lets the mobile phone identify photos of your pals and supplies several options to conveniently send the pics to them. Then there is Sensible Show, the Siri-like S Voice, and loads more.

Though we have a minor far more affinity – just a wee bit — in the direction of HTC’s Sense UI, we declare Samsung Galaxy S3 the winner in this round for putting much more work.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3

galaxy s3 software

Digital camera

Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts an 8MP rear shooter with autofocus, flash, and Zero Lag Shutter BSI picture sensor, that enables you to take 3.3 pictures in one particular second. Equally impressive is the HTC 1 X’s 8MP rear camera with the ImageSense chip. Right up until we see a lot more photographs taken with the Galaxy S3, we’re going with the universally praised HTC One X’s camera as the winner in this class.

Winner: HTC One X


When we believed Samsung was about to zig, the company did a zag as an alternative and incorporated a replaceable battery on the Galaxy S3. The two,100mAh battery is also larger than the HTC One X’s one,800mAh, non-replaceable power pack. An additional facet that we enjoy about the Galaxy S3 is, that, unlike the One X, it comes with a microSD card slot. The SD support possibly permits you to carry 128GB volume of songs, films, images, and other docs in your Galaxy S3 cellphone.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3


Get in touch with it a honeymoon period or what ever, but we’re genuinely excited about the Samsung Galaxy S3. Whilst there’s no denying that the HTC A single X is a single heck of a lust-worthy smartphone, for now, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is wherever our geeky heart is.

Which telephone tingles your geek senses better? Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X?

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