Voice over LTE launches at Verizon, native video calls too

Today Verizon has turned on VoLTE (Voice over LTE) functionality across its network in the United States. This means you’ll be able to make voice calls over Big Red’s 4G network too, as up until now you would have been bumped onto its 3G network for this purpose (LTE was data-only).

This move will enable crystal clear HD quality voice calls, six-way conference calls, and even support for native video calling. This works without using an app – like 3G native video calls, if anyone remembers those. You can switch from a video call to an HD voice call and back with one tap.

gsmarena 001 Voice over LTE launches at Verizon, native video calls too

There are some caveats for all this, as you might expect. The VoLTE functionality is currently only available to you if you have a supported device. The list of those is pretty small right now, including only the LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S5. That said, software updates enabling VoLTE will probably be issued for other smartphones soon.

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New Moto X gets $50 discount, now sold directly in the UK

The new Moto X (2014) pre-orders start tomorrow, but customers can also purchase an unlocked, Pure Edition of the phone. Normally, the latter costs $ 499, but students with an active .edu e-mail account can take advantage of a $ 50 discount.

gsmarena 001 New Moto X gets $50 discount, now sold directly in the UK

This will cut the price of the 5.2″ 1080p smartphone with a Snapdragon 801 chipset and 13MP camera to $ 449, which is pretty great value in our book.

Meanwhile, Motorola has began selling its devices directly in the UK. Now, UK residents can go to the Motorola website and get the Moto G (2nd gen) for £149 ($ 242). Only time will tell when the phonemaker will offer the latest Moto X to UK customers, too, but it shouldn’t be long now.

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Exclusive: Leaked Oppo N3 press images show rotating camera

We first heard that the Oppo N3 is coming last week, when the company released an image teaser on its Facebook page. Now, thanks to an anonymous tipster, who we have very good reasons to trust, we get to see what it will look like.

The images we were sent reveal a very unorthodox design, which incorporates the trademark feature of the Oppo N series – the rotating camera. This means that, just like on the N1, you will be able to use the Oppo N3’s primary camera for selfies, enjoying its full quality for your self-portraits.

gsmarena 001 Exclusive: Leaked Oppo N3 press images show rotating camera

We also see that the Oppo N3 will come with a dual LED flash – another feature it shares with its predecessor. However, it’s quite obvious that the new phablet will be far slimmer with the camera module placed in the only bulging part on top. The N1 thickness was uniform with the camera not requiring any extra depth.

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US carrier AT&T won't offer Wi-Fi calling until 2015

Without a doubt, Wi-Fi calling is a nice perk to have on your phone. For one, it allows you to make regular GSM calls on your Wi-Fi network in regions where the cellular coverage is spotty and signal is bad. It also lets you make calls as if you are on your home network even when you are roaming with your phone in another country or continent.

The just announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as all other Apple devices which eventually get iOS 8, will have the feature natively supported. Unfortunately, it’s a carrier-specific feature, which means it’s up to your carrier whether you’d be able to use the feature or not.

If you reside in the States, you might be interested to know that AT&T has just announced that it won’t be enabling Wi-Fi calling before 2015.

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First rumors of the HTC Eye surface, packs 5.2″ FHD display

big First rumors of the HTC Eye surface, packs 5.2 FHD display

Prominent leaker @upleaks has outed the first pieces of information regarding HTC’s upcoming smartphone carrying the codename “Eye”.

According to the leak, the upcoming smartphone will be built around a 5.2″ display with a 1080p resolution. As a result, its pixel density would be 423ppi. The other specification tidbit is regarding the chipset and @upleaks suggests the HTC Eye will pack a Snapdragon 801 chipset. Inside it, there’s a quad-core Krait 400 CPU and an Adreno 330 GPU.

There’s no further information or photos of the phone for now. HTC could be preparing another Windows Phone or even a slightly larger, but mostly unchanged version of the One (M8) running Android L out of the box.

We’ll let you know what HTC is cooking up as soon as we get more information.

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Spice Android One Dream hits Flipkart before its debut

A yet to be announced Android One device by Spice appeared on Flipkart before its official announcement. The budget-friendly handset will make it debut at a Google press event in India on Monday, September 15.

gsmarena 001 Spice Android One Dream hits Flipkart before its debut

The listing was quickly taken down, though we already got the chance to scoop the details on the epically named Spice Android One Dream UNO Mi-498. The handset will cost Rs. 6,999 (about $ 115) when it becomes officially available.

The Spice Android One Dream UNO Mi-498 specs include MediaTek SoC with 1.3GHz quad-core CPU and Mali 400 GPU, a gig of RAM, and 4GB of built-in memory with microSD card slot. A 4.5” FWGA IPS display, 5MP main camera with LED flash, 2MP selfie unit, and dual-SIM support are also on board. The device boots Android 4.4.4 out of the box.

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HTC to unveil a selfie phone and waterproof camera on Oct.8

gsmarena 001 HTC to unveil a selfie phone and waterproof camera on Oct.8

A couple of days ago, HTC started sending out invites for an event it will hold on October 8. The invite itself (which you can see on the left) didn’t reveal much about the gathering, except that it probably has something to do with cameras.

Now though “a person familiar with the plans” has thankfully jumped in and let us know exactly what to expect from the ailing Taiwanese smartphone maker.

First off, we’re apparently going to be treated to a selfie phone. No more details have surfaced, but it sure looks like every mobile device maker out there is scrambling to come out with something it can call “a selfie phone”.

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