You can now pre-order a gold Apple iPhone 6 from Brikk

Apple iPhone 6 is yet to be announced, but you can already pre-order one in 24-carat gold or platinum. The Los Angeles-based designer and manufacturer of luxury accessories Brikk has opened the order books for the hotly anticipated smartphone.

gsmarena 001 You can now pre order a gold Apple iPhone 6 from Brikk

The press images listed by the manufacturer fall in line with past appearances of the iPhone 6. The handset is expected to debut at some point in mid-September.

Prices of the smartphone range from $ 4,495 for a plated handset, all the way to $ 8,395 for a model with Apple logo encrusted in diamonds. Pink gold is also available as an option alongside its yellow colored sibling and the platinum finish.

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Lenovo K920 Vibe Z2 Pro caught in selfie, specs now official

gsmarena 001 Lenovo K920 Vibe Z2 Pro caught in selfie, specs now official

It was only yesterday when we found out that Lenovo is planning to unveil its next flagship smartphone, the K920, on August 5.

And now thanks to an executive at the Chinese company, we get to see a picture showing its back, as well as a full spec list.

Arthur Wei, Lenovo’s Chief Marketing Officer for China, posted the image you can see to the left on his Weibo account today.

And along with it he was kind enough to let us know that the handset will be packing basically all of the previously leaked innards.

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OnePlus offering a limited period 'Blizzard of invites' for the One

If you have been hunting around for an invite for the OnePlus One, here’s your chance to score one. For a limited period of time (only today), the company is giving you a chance to win from one of the 5,000 additional invites from its website.

gsmarena 001 OnePlus offering a limited period 'Blizzard of invites' for the One

You will have to work for it, though, which involves logging in with your email or Facebook account and completing one of the listed actions. If you are really lucky, not just will you get an invite but you could be one of the ten people to get a free Bamboo StyleSwap cover, which the company recently introduced.

So don’t waste any more time and head over to the OnePlus One website right now.

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Apple Q3 earnings are in: iPhone solid, iPad, not so much

Apple’s revenues for Q3 2014 are in and the Cupertino tech-giant has brought in some decent numbers. The company has reported $ 37.4 billion in revenue; very close to the optimistic forecast of $ 38 billion.

The iPhone brought in some solid sales: 35.2 million units; a bit shy of the predicted 36 million smartphones the company was expected to move. The iPad was a different story, however, as only 13.3 million slates were sold, as opposed to 14.6 million iPads in Q3 2013.

gsmarena 001 Apple Q3 earnings are in: iPhone solid, iPad, not so much

There is an area in which Apple surpassed forecasts, and that’s in gross margins, where the tech giant was able to reach 39.4%, which is a marked increase from 2013′s 36.9%. This means that Apple was able to attain a 20% increase in earnings per share.

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6″ ZTE Olympia for T-Mobile has some specs leaked

gsmarena 001 6 ZTE Olympia for T Mobile has some specs leaked

It looks like ZTE is working on a new handset for T-Mobile’s exclusive benefit. Its codename is Olympia, and its model number will be Z970. The image you can see on the left shows it and has surfaced yesterday, while today more details about the phone have emerged.

The ZTE Olympia will be a big phablet, coming with a 6-inch touchscreen. We don’t yet know what its resolution will be, unfortunately, but at that size it should be at least 720p if it’s to keep people’s eyes from bleeding while counting its pixels.

It has an 8 MP rear camera with 1080p video recording, and a 0.9 MP front snapper – so this isn’t going to be a selfie addict’s choice, presumably.

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Xiaomi Mi 3 sells out in India in under 40 minutes

Xiaomi brought its lineup to India – it sold out all available units of the Xiaomi Mi 3 in just 38 minutes and 50 seconds and is already setting up for the next batch. Registrations for the Mi 3 reached 100,000 yesterday, but it’s not clear how many actual units Xiaomi moved.

gsmarena 001 Xiaomi Mi 3 sells out in India in under 40 minutes

If you missed this one you can register for the next Mi 3 sale. The registration window closes on July 28, after which the phone should be back on sale.

This is a kind of publicity stunt – Xiaomi gets to announce that their phones sold out in record times as an indication of high demand, but the relatively limited availability is in large part responsible for the store running out too.

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Asus PadFone X review: Like no other

GSMArena team, 21 July 2014.


The Asus PadFone X for AT&T is the Taiwanese manufacturer’s first offering from the family of hybrid devices to officially hit the US market. Announced during this year’s CES in Las Vegas, the device consists of a high-end Android handset and a tablet docking station with 9″ IPS display and stereo speakers.

gsmarena 001 Asus PadFone X review: Like no other gsmarena 002 Asus PadFone X review: Like no other gsmarena 003 Asus PadFone X review: Like no other
Asus PadFone X official photos

At a quick glance, the Asus PadFone X could well be the dream device for an Android power user. Thanks to the combination of Snapdragon 800 SoC, 13MP camera with 4K recording, and 5″ 1080p Super IPS+ display, the handset can rub shoulders with most high-end offerings out there.

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